Remi de la Rocha

Remi de la Rocha spotlight

Remi de la Rocha may be the President and CEO at AltaMed Health Network, managing a team of over 70 individuals and spearheading the growth of the company’s Independent Practice Association (IPA), their first Limited Knox Keene license, as well as their very own Management Service Organization (MSO), but his visions did not come to fruition overnight. In fact, he first honed his conscious-leadership chops at the CBE, which required many of late nights, planning, collaboration, and hard work. In 2001, he obtained his B.S. in Business Administration and in 2006, he earned his MBA with an emphasis in Health Management.

“We would typically order pizza and work through the odd hours of the night until we finished the assignment,” Remi tells us. “I truly enjoyed working with my colleagues to finish group projects together. Memories of coming together for a common goal are my favorite. The best feeling was the sense of accomplishment at the end of the night & looking back at all the brainstorming and hard work that went into the assignment.”

This reminds him of the African Proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” Between the mentorship of Gilbert Sanchez, Jamie Regalado, Angela Young, and Serge Zelnick; as well as his peers in the CBE, “each of these individuals gave their best at all times and it was always evident,” he explains. “Being around all that grit encouraged me to follow suit and I quickly learned to always put my best foot forward.”

As the current President and CEO of AltaMed Health Network, Remi continues to live by the CBE way by as a business leader in healthcare management. He hopes to one day return to teaching at his alma mater and “give back to the university that gave me so much.”

In the meantime, he would like to leave current CBE students with this, “Enjoy this time. Make friends and learn how to work in teams. Find a mentor and work to become the leader you want to be.”