Professor Refalo Shares Helpful Tips for Renters on WalletHub

July 19, 2022

Best rent value

The CBE's very own Dr. Refalo, Finance & Law, takes a deep dive into renting today and the best and worst cities to do so...

Dr. Refalo joins WalletHub to breakdown where to rent and the pros and cons of doing so. He was asked a series of questions, including:

What tips do you have for a person looking to get the best value in an apartment?

He responded:

“Best Value” can have many subjective meanings. A lot depends on the personal tastes of the renter: location, neighborhood, and availability. Those factors will drive cost. What the renter should look into though is how well the apartment/building is maintained (particularly in comparison with those in the area), and the responsiveness to needed repairs. If you are dealing with a private – non-corporate rental – you need to assess the willingness of the landlord to make repairs and maintain their obligations. There are signs, look not only at the unit, but the entire facility, and ask yourself is there anything in need of obvious repair or maintenance? What is the overall feel/energy of the complex and do I want to live here? Bad neighbors or less than desirable upkeep is often a trade-off for only a small discount. But it can lead to a great deal of frustration.

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