Oluwakorede Bello

oluwakorede bello

Oluwakorede (Daniel) Bello began his studies at the CBE in Fall 2018 as a transfer student. Daniel is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with an option in Accounting and a minor in CIS. He expects to graduate in the Spring of 2021. Daniel is working part-time at NASA JPL and is learning about business operations. After graduation, he plans to pursue his Master’s degree, attain his CPA license, and land a job at one of the “Big Four” accounting firms.

Daniel’s biggest influence in the CBE is Nikita Lau. Daniel considers Nikita a huge resource for students. He credits her for assisting him in getting his current job at JPL by guiding him through the resume, cover letter, and interview process.

Daniel loves to make African-style dance videos in his spare time called afrobeats. You can catch him on Instagram or YouTube. Daniel also plays the drums in church.