Monica Lee


Monica Lee

Prior to joining the CBE, Monica Lee was teaching all over LAUSD. From General Science, Biology, Chemistry to P.E., Monica has always been drawn to education and positively impacting her students. Thus, when a friend of hers from the CBE told her how much he enjoyed the culture, community, and people, she could not resist the opportunity. Five years later, that same culture and community nurtured her. 

“They taught me everything I needed to know and have encouraged to grow. We have supported each other through all these years of change and implementation at Cal State LA. I am absolutely honored to be working with such an amazing group,” she tells us.

When Monica isn’t working, she is still teaching. She is a group fitness instructor, teaching Les Mills (MMA-oriented classes, weight-lifting, cycling, etc.) She also recently became certified to teach Barre after not having done ballet in over a decade. As if that is not impressive enough, she once did voice acting and was even an extra in various short films and shows. 

The highlight of her life, however, was traveling to Amsterdam with over 100 friends from all over rate world in 2017 to meet up at the beach in the Netherlands. “The entire experience felt like home away from home.” She hopes to travel all over the world, for instance, to zipline in Hawaii and explore the culture of Berlin.

While Monica also enjoys binging competition shows, cooking and creating new Vegan recipes, karaoke, and find new farmer’s markets to visit; her goal is “to continue growing, learning, and expanding my mind through self-realization and self-exploration in order to hone my strengths and skills to better the world and create change.”