Medrik Minassian

Medrik Minassian

For recent graduate Medrik Minassisan, “Academic qualification does not come just in the form of a degree certificate. It is a journey of learning, building community, relationships, and goal setting.”

Graduating with a M.S. in Information Systems, Medrik is now a Business Data Analyst for MedCapital Solutions, which is rewarding in more ways than one. “It’s exciting for me as I learn about the usage of new software and its implementation in daily business life.” Working and studying, however, is nothing new to Medrik. “One thing I take away from academic achievement is that we 'learn to learn.' I am experiencing corporate life firsthand now, and hope to pursue a doctorate later in the coming years.” He continues, “In the past two years, I learned so much from my peers and faculty. Everyone has something to offer, and I feel blessed to have spent enough time with both faculty and students, and learned indispensable lessons from them.”

He made and honed very close friendships with classmates during his time as a student  – both at the LA campus and abroad, from study sessions, projects, coffee breaks, and even friend’s weddings – to the International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition, his favorite all-time CBE memory. “I was lucky enough to take part in the ICBSC competition twice! It is a class like no other – intense, challenging, time consuming, and involves so much decision-making, team building, and learning. It leaves you asking for more when it’s over!” 

Studying at the CBE makes you realize, “There is no barrier to learning, to change, and to lead.” He continues, “Every class I took, I tried to understand how it relates to my life, my goals, and my dreams. I would look at my faculty and classmates as business partners and advisors. Quite frankly, I learned to unleash my potential. Today, at work, this is allowing me to have better conversations, better understand the business, and better work with the people around me.” 

Four years prior to starting his M.S. degree at the CBE, Medrik Minassian played professional Rugby Union. “When I look around, I see everyone has their own stories to tell, writing stories as they live them.” Having previously published a collection of poems, Medrik is currently working on publishing a few more of his written works and books.

He wants current CBE students to know, “You have nothing to lose! It is a journey of learning, building community, relationships, and goal setting. It is not about what is given to you, but what you make of it. Learn to learn, learn to change, and learn to lead!”