Maria Ubago

Maria Ubago

Celebrating her fifteenth anniversary at the CBE, Maria Ubago currently serves the college as the Administrative Support Coordinator to both the Computer Information Systems Department and the Economics and Statistics Department.

“Prior to working at the CBE, I was a student employee at the Anna Bing Arnold Children Center. Previous to that position, I worked as a student assistant at the Vice President for University Advancement’s Office,” Maria tells us.

She continued, “Being a single parent, I was seeking a full-time position that provided job security and growth to help support my daughter,” and the rest was history. May 9th marked fifteen rewarding years since Maria embarked on that new chapter in her professional career.

In May 2018, Maria received “Cal State LA’s Distinguished Women Award” for her outstanding achievements and contributions that embody the university’s mission of engagement, service, and the public good.

Among the many reasons she enjoys working at the CBE is “the diversity of the faculty, staff, and students. I enjoy the supportive and nurturing environment of the college and the opportunity to meet and learn about other cultures and backgrounds.”

Many might assume Maria is an introvert as she tends to be quiet and shy upon first meeting new people. However, once you get to know her a little better, you’ll find she is outgoing, friendly, and funny. “One thing that may surprise people is that I do not know how to swim but I have gone white water rafting - which I can confidently say, I never will be doing that again.”

When Maria’s not diligently working, she enjoys spending time with her fiancé Victor, her kids Kazzandra and Nicolas, and their newest addition, Dean, their cat. It goes without saying that family means everything to Maria.

“The highlight of my life is my family: my amazing kids and loving fiance. I am proud and grateful for them. Especially my daughter who will soon be completing her second semester at Cal State LA.”

She hopes to one day purchase a home and have the opportunity to travel and explore new places with her family, starting with Nicaragua, her native country.

“When my family left and came to the United States, I was only four years old. I hope one day I’ll be able to go back and take my kids there so they can learn and get exposed to my culture and history.”

Presently, however, in support of social distancing, their weekends are filled with playing board games or watching movies.