Kemper Scholarship- January Regino

May 12, 2023
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Hard work. Tenacity. Resilient are just a few attributes used to describe this Kemper Scholar recipient, January Regino. A Junior, in the College of Business and Economics, studying marketing with aspirations of becoming a marketing executive for Disney.

Originally, an Early Childhood studies major, who quickly realized a child’s learning and discipline was more than she inclined for. Met with some resistance from both counselors and family, who expected her to follow in their footsteps, in the medical field. January opted to put her wants and aspirations first, transferring to the College of Business and Economics. Upon transferring to the marketing department, January immersed herself in the curriculum, seeking out advisors and professor who would propel her to the next level such as the Kemper Scholarship.

An advisor ijanuary picturentroduced and suggested, January to apply to the Kemper scholarship. As a full time, college student, working 2-part times jobs, a paid internship learning the ends and outs of insurance was intriguing. Little did January know; this introduction would forever change her career aspirations.

January was selected for an interview, where Kemper asked, January to tell them about herself. Unaccustomed to this interview style, January began questioning her own responses. Questioning if her interview was good, stating “I thought I did horrible. I didn’t feel confident”. A few weeks passed, with no response, Reign began to turn to another course, but an acceptance phone called change this course of action, for this positive spirit.

In June 2022, January began her 40 hour a week position as a Kemper Scholar, with her workload consisting of learning how a business run, client-relationship, and claims analyst. January quickly learned the process of claims function. The more January absorbed herself in Kemper, the more confident she became, stating “It felt good being around likeminded individuals”. January and her peers, all college students, began to form a comradery amongst each other, fostering healthy competition, evoking questions that challenged and pushed each other to better oneself.

During the summer, students were split into groups, given their own subject that would help the claims process and department, it’s called the Capstone project. January’s group, capstone project, revolved around creating something with augmented reality or online applications. The grouped focused on Kemper apps. Kemper has 7 running mobile applications, that were not given the proper attention to succeed, Regino group proposed a singular stable and updated app that all Kemper customers can use. The idea originated, with the increase of people using apps during the 2020 pandemic, wanting to tap into this market would only propel Kemper business.

Producing a live prototype of the working mobile app, demonstrating to executive live demonstrations of the new features and changes. Highlighting in their portfolio data analyst of cost per pricing, in house and through third party, the efficiency and the long-term financial benefits it will have on the Kemper wealth. The group was confident scaling their multiple apps to one solid concrete app would stand out by allowing the executives and board members the greater sustainability and growth this singular app would provide for the company.

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The challenges with learning a new process, finding the accurate numbers to show financial value of one app, interviewing claims people to see if they have experienced problems and orchestrating a survey for claim workers. “I reached out to my network; they assisted and guided me to the proper channels”. Collectively as a group they learned how important it is to know your material, after presenting they were bombarded with questions. Being properly informed and knowledgeable afforded the ability to answer questions precisely and with descriptive details. Kemper was impressed, but individually January was more thrilled in herself. She was able to showcase her skillset, networking with people in the company who provided a value asset, correlating time schedules and seeking out information that would better the projects. This momentum reassured January she’s on the right track.

As the summer came to end, Kemper Scholars were informed who would continue, with their evaluation being determined through their capstone project and individual progress and actions during the summer. Nervous, January took a deep breathe, stepping into her inner superpower allowing her personality and skill set speak, professing “each of us have different strengths, step into it”. January stepped in and soared, with managers receiving her go-getter spirit and tenacity who eagerly wanted better for herself. Honored to be accepted to the Fall portion of the Kemper Scholar, January set her sight on furthering her knowledge of the world of claims, stating “Kemper set the bar for internships”.

Taking it upon herself, to seek out mentors, within her field, as a location strategist and a programmatic’ s marketing strategist at Disney. Her mentors began to uplift and support her as she navigated the pathway of seeking her next internship, fostering a solid foundation where they began to exchange and discuss their own journey to their respective position.

The Kemper fellowship concluded in Dec 2022, Regino applied to multiple internships, with no response. She emailed Disney inquiring about the status of her application, informed that the internship was closed. “If the internship was still around, I would’ve been selected for it” January, passionately articulates, frustrated, she reached out to her mentors, they collectively collaborated, coming up with a plan and strategy.

Not allowing defeat to seep into her brain, January continues to work hard, balancing her position at Disney in their attractions department, who’s responsible for operating the ride and monitoring the safety of guest while also maintain the attraction’s appearance. January positive spirit and energy grants her the luxury of creating an enthusiastic experience, bringing magic to life. Granting people, the joy of creating memorable memories at the happiest place on earth.

When January is not working hard, studying and applying for internships, January finds herself, like all young people, wanting success now. Putting in the work and with due time, January resilient work ethic will pay off. Until then, January is practicing self-care spending it at the happiest place on earth, theme parks, cooking her favorite dish Sisig and currently watching House of Dragons.

January has experience tremendous growth this past year both professionally and personal, finding similarities in both. January took away 3 tips patients, trusting oneself, and to be happy. “You can’t focus on what’s going wrong. There’s always a way to turn things around, to find the fun!” Joy from Inside Out profess, tying in January, whose optimistic and positive spirit align with always looking at the bright picture.