Esmeralda Miramon

Esmeralda Miramon

Her mother brought her to the Land of Opportunities at the tender age of four… 

At the age of four, Esmeralda Miramon was brought to the Land of Opportunities by her mother. “As I continued to grow, I found it to be true that this truly is the land of opportunities and I am extremely blessed for all of the life experiences I have had thus far,” she tell us.

Esmeralda began her studies at the CBE in 2017, majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing Management. As a student, she has already gone from being a member to Vice President to currently, the President, of the Marketing Club in just two years. She is also the President of the American Marketing Association Collegiate Chapter at Cal State LA and an Adobe Creative Cloud Network campus brand ambassador.

One of her favorite collegiate accomplishments was creating an Instagram page (many of you know it as @CSULA_HACKS) for students to access free resources provided by the University, including health services, free printing, scholarship announcements, and food pantry. She explains, “As a commuter student, I did not know of the resources available to me and my plan was to help as many students as possible.”

Esmeralda continues, “My account would also allow students to build trust and feel comfortable to reach out and help each other promote events and meetings. The account I created gained 2,300 followers in just one year.”

Working part-time at Dodger Stadium, however, has been her “biggest blessing,” allowing her to work on two World Series and meet celebrities including The Flash, Jaden Smith, Grant Gustin, and all the owners of the Dodgers and their families. She credits President Obama for this milestone moment for having “announced the DACA program in June of 2012.”

To no surprise, her words of advice strongly pertain to getting involved in the CBE. “Get involved in clubs and apply to be a board member to get the experience you want as a leader. For time management, always keep adding to your planner because all things are possible with it.” And last but not least, "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, take a leap of faith, and try new things because you never know where your next opportunity will be."