Entertainment Financing and Law (FIN-4820)

Erin Sapinoso

Entertainment Financing and Law (FIN-4820) is a one semester class that focuses on the legal, financial and managerial challenges facing the $2 trillion dollars global Entertainment industry, with special focuses on television, film, music, theater, digital/new media, improvisation, and sports.

Students will have a chance to negotiate real-world industry deals, simulate the buying process of a film market, pitch original ideas to a group of industry experts, and network alongside producers, directors, writers and actors. This is a "zero-cost materials" course, with all materials provided free to the student through Canvas and in-class handouts.

Prerequisites are FIN-2050 or by instructor permission. If a student has not completed FIN-2050 and is interested in enrolling, please have them e-mail Professor Daniel Spitz ([email protected] or dspitz@calstatela.edu) with their name and CIN to receive an add code.

The class will count as an approved elective for all Marketing majors as well as pre-legal minors within the Finance Department. See details.