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Dr. Zhang Discusses Evictions, Credit, and COVID-19 in NY Fed Reserve Blog

July 17, 2020


Dr. Zhang discussed evictions, credit access, and the Coronavirus for the NY Fed Reserve blog, Liberty Street Economics... 


In collaboration with co-authors at the NY Federal Reserve, the CBE's Dr. Zhang discussed evictions, credit access, and the Coronavirus for their blog, Liberty Street Economics. "Despite the importance of evictions and related policies, very few economic students have been done on this topic," and thus, Dr. Andrew Haughwuot, Dr. Haoyang Liu, and Dr. Zhang decided they would fill this gap by conducting a novel national survey on evictions within the Housing Module of the Survey of Consumer Expectations (SCE) in 2019 and 2020.

Although evictions are commonly believed to be tied to economic conditions alone, “we found that even factoring in income and employment, minorities have been exposed to more evictions either through self-experience or through their social network,” Dr. Zhang explains.  

Luckily, she continues, “There are eviction moratoriums in many communities after the onset of COVID19. Please check the local policies and see if your landlord is allowed to evict.”

To learn more about various causes of evictions and post-eviction credit access, you can read the report here.