Dr. Ming Wang

Ming Wang

Dr. Ming Wang joined the CBE Information Systems department in 2001 and is a professor of information systems. She became a professor because she believes education can change society. For Dr. Wang, seeing students get professional jobs and applying knowledge and skills from her courses is very rewarding. She delights in hearing success stories from students who received a promotion and experience career success.

Dr. Wang founded the SAP University Alliances Program at Cal State LA and innovatively integrated the SAP enterprise system into more than twenty courses in six programs with her colleagues over the past years. A professional SAP, ERPsim Instructor and Oracle certificate holder, Dr. Wang has organized and taught many SAP and IBM data analytics workshops. As the Stanford Global Women in Data Science (WiDS) Ambassador, she organized professional data science panels, student research poster presentations, and ERP real-time data analytics demonstrations for the three past WiDS Conferences.

Dr. Wang was inspired to be a professor by her father who was a teacher and chief interpreter to the U.S. Armed Forces. Her favorite quote is “learning by doing” and Dr. Wang likes to focus on having students learn through interactive hands-on experiences on ERP and Oracle.