Dr. Marianne James Awarded the 2017 Distinguished Women Award

Marianne James

Cal State LA’s Distinguished Women Award celebrates women who have helped the university provide a transformative experience for its students. For nearly nineteen years Accounting Department faculty Dr. Marianne James has supported the university through her prolific practice-oriented scholarship, committee service to the CBE and university, and support of her students, making her a natural choice for the award. “I feel very honored and very humble about it,” smiles Dr. James, “This award means recognition, not just for myself but for the people who helped me succeed.”

As an instructor, her practice-oriented approach gives her students an edge in the workplace. She wants to make sure that her students not only understand accounting principles but that they can apply them as professionals. “If you understand the concepts well and you’ve had some practice hands on, you’ll be able to solve any problem. In the business world, you’re never going to see the ‘class/textbook problems’ so being able to take this out into the profession and apply (it) is very important.”

The award recognizes the previous accomplishments of women on campus, all of which serve as a jumping off place for what’s next. Beginning Fall 2017, she looks forward to succeeding Dr. Kathy Hansen as Department Chair of Accounting for the CBE and building on Dr. Hansen’s accomplishments. “I’ve been here a long time, I know my colleagues well, and I want to be a mentor to all my colleagues and students. I will do my very best to make it a great environment for everyone.”

She also offered to take on the role of Editor-in-Chief for the renewed CBE journal Business Forum. The scholar-practitioner journal focuses on advancing business practices through current research. The editorial team will publish its first themed issue, “Healthcare Currents,” later this year.  Dr. James will help shape the look, content and development of the journal.

In addition to all she’s done and what she’s adding in 2017, she manages family obligations. When asked how she does it all, Dr. James simply laughs and says, “I have a lot of to-do lists!” With an award list containing the title Distinguished Woman, we can expect to see her next title, ‘Wonder Woman’. Thank you, Marianne for all you do.