Dr. Joaquin Franco

Joaquin Franco

Dr. Joaquin Franco has been an advisor at Cal State LA since 2012. He received his B.A. in Human Services at Cal State Fullerton, his Master’s degree in Educational Administration at Cal State Northridge, and in 2017, his doctorate. Joaquin has spent years working with students from disadvantaged populations and believes each student has the potential to succeed. He focuses on removing any obstacles that prevent students from being successful.

One of Joaquin’s favorite things about working at the CBE is that, “we have an opportunity to really provide input. Here we actually have the ability to create materials, create new processes, and just have the ability to have an impact. It’s been fun. Even though it’s academic advising, really the experience has been so much more.”

Joaquin has been to Europe more than 30 times. On a trip to Austria, Joaquin went to the Alps. He describes it as a beautiful, amazing place. Joaquin recalls from his trip that, “when you go hiking, you’re walking along with cows and you can hear the cowbells along the way. Seeing the traditions of other cultures is amazing.”