Dia De Los Muertos “Day of the dead"

On Thursday, November 2, 2023, the College of Business & Economics hosted Opens House in connection with the celebration of Dia De Los Muertos “Day of the dead "The purpose of the event was to welcome newly admitted students and foster a sense of belonging. 

Faculty, staff, advisors, and clubs such as Athlete Department Information, Accounting, Beta Alpha Psi, Google Developer Student Club, and the Hispanic Business Society participated; representatives from our career center and graduate division were also in attendance. 

Dia De los Muertos is a two-day holiday, Nov 1st & 2nd, with Nov 2nd honoring the lives of the departed

Families create ofrendas (offerings), these altars are decorated with bright yellow marigold flowers, photos of departed, and their favorite foods and drink. The offerings are believed to encourage visits from the deceased as their souls hear the prayers, smell their food, and join in the celebrations.  

According to the Santa Cruz Museum of Arts & History, Calaveras represent those who have passed and are often found on the altar as a sugar skull. In some indigenous tradition, the skulls of the deceased were preserved to be placed on the altar, with others wearing masks as a closing ceremony sending the spirits backs. With different elements, journeys and cardinals reflected in an assortment of colors.