Destiny Calderon

destiny calderson

Destiny Calderon began her studies at Cal State LA in 2015. Soon thereafter, she declared her major in business and joined the CBE. In 2019, Destiny graduated from Cal State LA with her B.S. Degree in Business Administration with an option in Marketing and a minor in Real Estate. Currently she works for the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts, and Sciences as a Coordinator for Talent Development, Inclusion, and Alumni Programs.

Destiny’s advice to current CBE students is “don’t be afraid to try something new.” She believes that students let opportunities pass them by because they either believe that they can’t do it or they don’t have the time. Moreover, she says that “if you take these opportunities that come your way, you’ll discover something new in yourself that you never thought you had.”

There were many people that influenced Destiny during her time at the CBE but she wanted to thank Dr. Maryam Tofighi for always supporting her during her college journey and Duane Cofield, who she states, helped her find passions she didn’t know she had. She is still in contact with both professors.