Constantine Boukidis

July 10, 2020
Constantine Boukidis

Constantine Boukidis graduated from the College of Business and Economics (CBE) with a Master of Arts in Economics and an emphasis in Financial Economics in 2003.

Constantine was 37 years old when he made the transition from trial attorney representing plaintiffs in personal injury and wrongful death actions (mostly involving medical negligence) to his current field of forensic economics. At 41, he began graduate school at the CBE. At the time, he and his wife had children between the ages of 6 and 11 years old. According to him, “The most difficult part of my two years in graduate school was balancing family, work, and school.”

Because the CBE offered night classes, Constantine was able to simultaneously work full-time and attend graduate school full-time. He says, “The CBE helped me refine my time management skills.” He continues, “It forced me to cut out extraneous things in my life and focus on what was truly important and what needed to get done.”

As a result, Constantine has achieved great professional accomplishments. He became a principal of his previous firm, VWM Analytics, LLC, and he successfully transitioned from being a trial attorney to a forensic economist testifying as an expert witness in court. Today, he is the Executive Vice President in the Forensic Accounting and Economics Group with JS Held, LLC.

Constantine’s advice to current CBE students is, “Enjoy your life but always stick to your plan. Do not get discouraged, no matter how difficult it may be at times.” Lastly, “Keep telling yourself that thousands before you had accomplished goals in life and thousands after will as well, so ‘why not me?'"