CBE Wins Second Place in 2021 International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition

May 4, 2021
2021 International Collegiate Business Strategy Competion

Congratulations to our first runner up winners of the semester-long 2021 International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition: Ma Ledi Ham Loot, Thitinun Lerttanapong (New), Quyen Vi Ma, Clarence T. Foryoung, Bhumi Ramani, and Isaac Marroquin.  

Each team (competing with Idaho State University, Sacramento State University and UC Riverside) takes over the management of a simulated manufacturing company competing against other firms run by competitor teams in its Simulated World. Designed to enable advanced business students to integrate and apply the theories of their business courses, the Business Policy game allows students to become strategic managers of simulated companies competing against other business students acting as managers of their own companies.  

Each team is responsible for a strategic business plan, an annual report, and one formal oral presentation to judges (who serve as the simulated Board of Directors).  Team members have the experience of running their own company and learn first-hand how a group effort can result in synergy and enthusiasm. Below you will learn a little about the team members who represented the College of Business and Economics and their roles in the competition: 

Ma Ledi Ham Loot, MBA and MS in Healthcare Management  

Currently pursuing her MBA, Ledi is a registered nurse and has her M.A. in Nursing and MS in Healthcare Management.  

Her Role: As Chief Executive Officer, Ledi focuses on driving the company to success. She oversees all facets of the business and ensures the productivity of all departments.

Thitinun Lerttanapong (New), MBA 

New is pursuing his MBA degree with an expected graduation in December 2021. He has extensive experience in business development planning with 10+ years in home improvement, FMCG, and real estate. Formally educated in the U.K. prior to his B.A. in Economics. 

His Role: As Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, he lays out strategies and oversees its implementation.

Quyen Vi Ma, Masters in Accounting 

Mr. Ma earned his Bachelor’s in Business Administration and is currently a candidate for a Master’s in Accounting at CSULA. 

His Role: As Chief Finance Officer, Quyen oversees the accounting, business support, financial planning and analysis, treasury, real estate, investor relations, internal audit and tax functions.

Clarence Taniform Foryoung, MBA 

Clarence obtained his bachelor’s degree in economics and is currently pursuing an MBA degree at CSULA. 

His Role: As Chief Operating Officer, Clarence oversees the business operations, focusing on all operating activities ranging from production planning to scheduling and costs. He lays down the production strategy to meet the production goals.

Bhumi Ramani, MS in Healthcare Management 

Bhumi completed her undergraduate degree in Public Health Policy and minored in Business Management from UC Irvine. She is pursuing her MS in Healthcare Management at CSULA and has previously worked at Prime Healthcare and Blue Shield of California. 

Her Role: As Chief Human Resource Officer, Bhumi is responsible for aligning HR goals with marketing/operations and determining productivity and savings levels.

Isaac Marroquin, MBA 

Currently, Isaac is pursuing an MBA degree in marketing at California State University, Los Angeles. Isaac is an experienced marketer, having gained a broad range of marketing experience working in the fields of real estate, entertainment, and healthcare. Isaac balances his work life with giving back to the community through various organizations and initiatives. 

His Role: As Chief Marketing Officer, Isaac works alongside the executive team to devise and implement business strategies. 

A special thank you to their wonderful advisor, Dr. Laura Whitcomb, “for being so supportive and staying up late to meet with them,” team CEO Ledi tells us. “She has been the advisor for the team these past few years and indeed a valuable one to our college. This really shows that our students in our college are very competitive and ready to become future executives.” 

To learn more about the competition, please visit their website here: https://icbsc.org/