CBE Open House: National Oatmeal Cookie Day


    On Tuesday April 30th, 2024, the College of Business and Economics hosted an Open House in collaboration with National Oatmeal Cookie Day. We used this opportunity to welcome transfer freshman and juniors into the College of Business and Economics, as an opportunity to meet with their respective professors, chairs, advising and career placement coordinators. 
    To welcome the students, T. Fox, Director of Student Success and Advising and Charleata Battle, Management Professor and CBE Recruitment and Retention Task Force, created an Oatmeal cookie competition for all departments – Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Economic and Statistics, Finance, Law & Real Estate, Management and Marketing. Each department must incorporate oatmeal cookies into their department using the following: “What is the role of the X-major in the Oatmeal Cookie Day Company?”


    During the competition, each department must prepare a 3–5–minute oral presentation describing the job duties or task to your respective oatmeal cookie company.  Some ideas proposed, where Accounting highlighting the cost of operating an Oatmeal Cookie shop, Marketing an Oatmeal Cookie shop, and Management tips for an Oatmeal Cookie shop.


    The CIS department, presented with the support of graduate student on cyber security and the importance of protecting the recipe; Marketing presented a strategy to enhance cookie sells by partnering with influencers; Accounting presented an ability to allocate the proper funds with incentive and group efforts to ensure, a profit will be made. 

    Lastly, the Economic department who had the ability to incorporate all fascist of each department into their business, quoting “Economics is in all avenues of the field of business.” Economics found an ability to heighten profit growth, increase productivity and sales and navigate the analysis for marketing.

   Each semester, The College of Business and Economics invites students to our CBE Open House to foster student engagement for students to feel the welcome embodiment we at Cal State LA College of Business and Economics has to offer. We want students' success to be more than what you see in the classroom; we want students to be well rounded Golden Eagles who are prepared for the world in the boardroom and in the world.