Arun Aryal

Arun Aryal

Drawn to the Cal State’s mission of upward mobility and the opportunity to work with accomplished colleagues, Arun Aryal joined the CBE as an Information Systems professor in Fall 2016. He recalls, “My grandfather was a teacher in a rural area of Nepal. I remember many of the students mentioning that getting an education was a life-altering experience for them. I did not know it then, but it seems like I was always drawn to teaching.”

However, the idea of being a professor came later in his career.  He adds, “Students are always surprised to know about my first jobs while in college: egg-roll delivery driver and landscaper.”

“I was doing well as an IT consultant,” he continued. “During one summer, one of my college professors asked me to guest lecture a few classes. While I was teaching those few sessions, I realized that I wanted to become a professor."

Along the way, he gathered inspiration from too many to mention – from his grade school teachers, professors, thesis advisors, and many of his colleagues. He tries to model his teaching style after educationalist Sir Ken Robinson and his ideas on education.

For Professor Aryal, seeing students be successful in their careers and academics is most rewarding. “It is a privilege to be a small part of their journeys.” 

His students are always surprised to know that he is both an introvert and was a drama club member during high school. “I wrote, directed, and acted in many plays in the local community theater.”

While he rarely feels the need to unwind, he often relaxes by listening to music. He currently is reading Midnight Sun by Jo Nesbo and watching The Expanse. 

His favorite quote is, “Acquire knowledge patiently, teach others unceasingly. Among truly educated persons there is no discrimination,” (Confucius, 551-479 BC).