Angelica Aguiniga: Impassioned Advocate for Campus and Community Involvement

Angelica Aguiniga is working toward her bachelor’s degree in child development, with a minor in marketing at Cal State LA. A recipient of a 2022 Cal State LA Alumni Association Scholarship, Aguiniga is excellent at making the most of the resources available to her. In her time at Cal State LA, she has been named to the Dean’s List, in recognition of her academic achievement, serves as president of the Marketing Club, leader for InterVarsity at Cal State LA, and student panelist for the Counselor Update Conference.

angelica-aguiniga Aguiniga’s active involvement in Cal State LA programs is purely by design, and she encourages others to immerse themselves in the community she has grown so fond of here.

“Freshman year, my work-study program helped me to network. I then joined the marketing club and intervarsity in my second year of college, and these two environments helped me to grow so much as both a leader and a person,” she said. Aguiniga added that what inspired her most was her belief in God. “He helped me to push myself, to get involved and to be an active leader in my community and on campus,” she said.

Marketing is one of the minors offered through the College of Business and Economics. Aguiniga said her favorite part about being a student in CBE was “getting out of (her) shell.” She detailed with passion how her time spent talking to professors and faculty helped her to blossom and encouraged other students to learn from her example. “Be hands on. Be involved. Talk to the professors and faculty here as they have a ton of expertise to offer,” she said.

Giving back to her community informs many of Aguiniga’s career and educational decisions. After graduation, she hopes to go into community relations or nonprofit work and to pursue a related master’s degree. One day, she may want to start her own nonprofit.