Alumni Mixer at the Southern California Gas Company Highlights their Partnership with the CBE and ECST

So Cal Gas Mix Up

The Cal State LA College of Business and Economics (CBE) and College of Engineering, Computer Science and Technology (ECST) celebrated their partnership with the Southern California Gas Company at an alumni mixer held last night at the acclaimed Gas Company Tower in Downtown L.A. Cal State LA alumni of the two colleges working at the Gas Company joined members of the university to reconnect and learn about the exciting programs and ventures offered by the Gas Company and hear about opportunities and changes within the colleges.

ECST alumna and current Vice President of Gas Operations, Gina Orozco-Mejia, outlined some of the ways the Gas Company is part of the Clean Energy Future.  Through its work on the ultra-low NOx compressed natural gas NGV engine for buses and trucks and its work with the National Renewable Energy Lab to convert renewable hydrogen into renewable natural gas through a process called Bio-methanation, the Gas Company and its Cal State LA alums are making a difference in the environment.

Deanna Haines, Director of Gas Engineering at the Gas Company and member of the Dean’s Advisory Board introduced Dean Allen of ECST.  Susan Trigerous, Regional Public Affairs Manager at the Gas Company and member of the Dean’s Advisory Board, introduced Dean Maysami, the new dean of the CBE. The Gas Company employs Cal State LA graduates across the company as engineers, project managers, controllers, customer service representatives and business analysts.  Ms. Trigerous talked about how she hopes the Gas Company continues to build on that base of talent in the coming years.

Our thanks to Gina Orozco-Mejia, Deanna Haines,Susan Trigerous, Trisha Muse, Kimberly Morales, and Diane Montes DePaola of the Gas Company for their help hosting the event; Dean Allen and Dean Maysami for their support; and Dolores Ybarra and Denise Gutierrez for coordinating the event.