M.S. Business Administration Learning Goals & Objectives 2017- 2021

The Goals and objectives of the MS BA program for Fall 2017 to Spring 2021 are proposed as follows:

MS BA Learning Goal #1:  To acquire an understanding of one of the specialized functions of business administration.

Learning Objectives: 

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the major concepts, tools, and practices of one of the following business functions or industry: Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, Leadership and Management, Marketing, New Venture Management, Real Estate, Supply Chain Management, or a customized field within business administration.           

MS BA Learning Goal #2:  To demonstrate competence in research.

Learning Objectives:

2.1 Demonstrate competence in the preparation of a scholarly research paper appropriate to the discipline studied by preparing a publishable-quality thesis, project, or report.

2.2 Information Competency: Demonstrate skill in locating and analyzing information from published sources, and the ability to interpret business reports, data, financial statements, charts, graphs, and tables containing business information.

MS BA Learning Goal #3:  To integrate ethics with business knowledge.

Learning Objectives:

Demonstrate the application of concepts and frameworks for reviewing ethically complex situations in business in a case analysis.

MS BA Learning Goal #4:  To acquire advanced skills in business communication.

Learning Objectives: 

            Demonstrate an advanced level of written communication and oral presentation.

4.1 Written Communication: Demonstrate the ability to prepare a clear, short business report or memo with minimal grammatical mistakes and few awkward or hard-to-understand sentences.

4.2 Presentation Skill: Demonstrate the ability to present complex business information clearly and in an engaging manner through a formal presentation to an audience.