Master of Business Administration (MBA) Learning Goals & Objectives 2017 - 2021

MBA Learning Goal #1: To understand the functions of business administration.

Learning Objectives: 

Knowledge and understanding of concepts/ theory, tools, and practices of the different functions of businessadministration:

1.1 Accounting
1.2 Marketing
1.3 Finance
1.4 Management
1.5 Business information systems
1.6 Strategic management

MBA Learning Goal #2:  To acquire and practice leadership and negotiation skills.

Learning Objectives:

2.1 Ability to negotiate to reach win-win solutions
2.2 Ability to work effectively in a culturally diverse team
2.3 Skill in making a well-organized, formal presentation to an audience
2.4 Ability to assess one’s own strengths and weaknesses as a leader, and prepare a plan for leadership development

MBA Learning Goal #3:  To demonstrate analysis and information literacy skills.

Learning Objectives:

3.1 Ability to conduct a research project that demonstrates skills in obtaining information, evaluating the quality of that information, analyzing the information collected, drawing conclusions, and communicating the results in clear written form
3.2 Ability to interpret, analyze, and draw conclusions from business and economic information in financial statements, tables, charts, and graphs
3.3 Ability to communicate business information through the preparation of financial statements, tables, charts, and graphs

MBA Learning Goal #4:  To solve problems and make decisions in a global context.

Learning Objectives:

4.1 Understanding of the global environment in evaluating a business problem or opportunity
4.2 Skill in arriving at logical conclusions after weighing evidence and using theoretical frameworks for a case scenario

Revised October 4, 2018