Learning Objectives for the Master of Science in Healthcare Management

Learning Goal 1:  To acquire an understanding of the functions of management and administration of the healthcare business.

Learning Objectives: 

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of concepts, theories, laws, tools, and practices in:

1.1. Budgeting, financial reporting and control

1.2. Information systems

1.3. Strategy and change

1.4. Management and organization

Learning Goal 2:  To understand healthcare delivery systems.

Learning Objectives:

2. HC Delivery Systems - Demonstrate knowledge of the U.S. healthcare industry and its delivery systems, including innovations in how healthcare is delivered.

Learning Goal 3:  To acquire and practice leadership and managerial skills that will positively affect performance as a healthcare manager.

Learning Objectives:

Demonstrable proficiency in the following skill sets:

3.1. Conflict Management - Ability to recognize conflict and to adopt conflict management behaviors appropriate to the situation and the parties involved such that whenever possible win-win solutions are reached.

3.2. Information Competence - Skill in locating information from published sources, and ability to interpret business reports, data, financial statements, charts, graphs, and tables containing basic business information, as well as typical healthcare industry data.

3.3. Presentation Skills - Skills in preparing and delivering a well-organized, formal business presentation to an audience.

3.4. Quantitative Skills - Ability to compute statistics and financial information using industry-standard software in order to come to decisions on business problems.

3.5. Emotional Intelligence – Skill at understanding emotions and using emotions to facilitate decision-making and business negotiation.

3.6. Teamwork - Skill at completing a complex team task within an allotted time, such as a marketing plan or case analysis paper and presentation.

3.7. Written Communication - Ability to prepare a clear, short business report or memo with minimal grammatical mistakes and few awkward or hard-to-understand sentences.

Learning Goal 4:  To integrate healthcare ethics with business and industry knowledge.

Learning Objectives:

4.1. Ethics – Demonstrate knowledge of expectations for professional ethics in healthcare organizations as established by the American College of Healthcare Executives; and application of ethical and legal considerations in assignments, cases, and projects.

4.2. Corporate Compliance – Demonstrate understanding of managerial responsibility in creating and maintaining a culture of regulatory compliance (e.g., knowledge of requirements for reporting privacy breaches, reducing regulatory risks, and conducting research with human subjects).