Learning Objectives for the Master of Science in Accounting

Learning Goal 1: To acquire the functional knowledge of accounting

Learning Objectives:

1.1 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of concepts, theories, laws, and practices in

                              1.1a Financial accounting and reporting

                              1.1b Managerial and cost accounting

                              1.1c Accounting information systems

                              1.1d Tax accounting

1.2 Demonstrate advanced knowledge and understanding in the functional area of accounting corresponding to the student’s option.

1.3 Demonstrate the ability to provide solutions to accounting problems and completion of accounting assignments and projects that require analysis of the multiple functional areas of the accounting function.

Learning Goal 2: To acquire knowledge about the accounting profession and industries, including not-for-profit and government organizations

Learning Objectives:

2.1 Demonstrate an understanding of the roles and duties of the professional accountant corresponding with the student’s selected option.

2.2 Demonstrate an understanding of the roles and duties of an accountant in accounting firms, businesses and other agencies.

2.3 Demonstrate an understanding of the professional standards, ethics and governmental policies relevant to the student’s selected option.

Learning Goal 3: To acquire leadership and managerial skills

Learning Objectives:

3.1 Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in verbal and written communications.

3.2 Demonstrate the ability to work in a group as a member and a leader.

Learning Goal 4:  To Integrate accounting knowledge in urban and global business environments

Learning Objectives:

4.1 Demonstrate knowledge of expectations for general professional ethics in accounting and ethical standards in the student’s selected option.

4.2 Demonstrate an understanding of ethical and global considerations in solutions to accounting problems, assignments, cases, and projects.