Learning Objectives for the Master of Arts in Economics

Learning Goal #1: Acquire an in - depth understanding of the functioning of markets in allocating scarce resources.

Learning objectives:
1.1 Understand the theory on utility maximizing decision - making by consumers
1.2 U nd erstand the theory on the decision - making of profit maximizing firms
1.3 Understand how market/industry structure affects the utilization of resources

Learning Goal # 2 : Conduct research to evaluate questions in the social sciences.

Learning objectives :
2.1 Ability to identify relevant, current iss ues in the social sciences that are open for study
2.2 Ability to review updated literature on social science questions
2.3 Ability to organize, analyze, and display quantitative data using computer progra ming

Learning Goal #3: A bility to think critically using the tools of analysis conveyed by Economics.

Learning objectives:
3.1 Ability to u se various econometric models for statistical inference
3.2 Ability to use statistical models for forecasting
3.3 Ability to effectively convey research strategy and findings, both in writing and verbally

Learning Goal #4: Acquire a detailed understanding of relationships within the macro - economy.

Learning objectives:
4.1. Understand key macroeconomic variables and their measurement.
4.2. Understand the determinants of economic growth and development
4.3. Understand the role of monetary and fiscal policy in stabilizing the economy