Learning Objectives for the Bachelor of Science Business Administration Core


Our students will be able to achieve the following:

Learning Goal 1:  To understand business and economics fundamentals

Learning Objectives: 

            Demonstrate knowledge and understanding at a basic level of concepts and tools in:

                        1.1 Accounting

                        1.2 Information systems

                        1.3 Economics

                        1.4 Finance

                        1.5 Management

                        1.6 Operations

                        1.7 Marketing

                        1.8 Statistics


Learning Goal 2:  To integrate functional business knowledge in a team setting

Learning Objectives:

2.1 Ability to contribute in a cross-functional team to produce a coherent two-year plan, which integrates the functional knowledge acquired in the different disciplines of business.

2.2 Ability to cooperate and work effectively in a culturally diverse team.


Learning Goal 3:  To demonstrate information literacy and communication skills

Learning Objectives:

3.1 Skill in finding, interpreting, and evaluating data

3.2 Skill in presenting information in a well-organized manner both orally and in writing


Learning Goal 4:  To develop socially-responsible solutions to business problems in both local and global environments

Learning Objectives:

4.1 Ability to analyze the global socio-economic and legal-political environments in business problem-solving

4.2 Understanding of Los Angeles region business issues and potential solutions

4.3 Ability to consider the ethical implications involved in business decision-making