For Reviewers

We appreciate your interest in being a potential reviewer for the Business Forum! Please sign up in Scholastica for a free account at to gain access and communicate your willingness to review to our editors. You are encouraged to read our submission requirements above and click here for further reviewer guidelines.

Business Forum’s peer-review process is double-blind. If you are assigned to review an article and think you know or may identify any of the authors, please contact the editor immediately and excuse yourself from the review process.

You may be assigned a manuscript to review through your Scholastica account. In addition to rating the assigned manuscript and answering a few questions about the degree to which it satisfies the minimum requirements and suits our journal’s mission, you will need to compose a short comment for the Editor and more detailed comment for the author(s).

Thank you again for your interest in being one of the reviewers for the Business Forum!


All manuscripts are submitted through an electronic submission system (Scholastica). To gain access to Scholastica, please create a free account at This account provides the opportunity to submit a paper for publication consideration or become a reviewer for submitted papers. A nominal fee of $10, payable to Scholastica is required for each submitted article to cover Scholastica system’s costs. Business Forum does not charge any processing, review, or publication fees.

Each article submitted to the Business Forum must be original, unpublished, and not under consideration by any other publication. It will generally undergo an editorial desk review and, if the paper is considered appropriate for the journal, a double-blind peer review, as follows:

  • The editors conduct a desk review of the manuscript based on our journal’s mission, submission guidelines, and potential fit with a targeted journal Issue. Manuscripts that do not comply with minimum standards will be referred back to the authors, who may be encouraged to resubmit their revised versions.
  • Manuscripts that are forwarded to reviewers will undergo a double-blind peer review by a minimum of two reviewers qualified to assess the manuscript’s merits, including its practical implications. Reviewers typically include external as well as editorial board members.
  • Most papers will go through one round of revisions in response to the initial peer-review reports. A timely decision regarding the acceptance of the paper will be made by the editors based on peer reviews.

Business Forum’s editorial team strives to provide a rapid turnaround of papers submitted for publication consideration. We aim to complete each initial double-blind peer review within three to six weeks and the review of resubmitted papers, if any, within a three-to-four-week period. To achieve this goal, we may reject papers that require more than one revision cycle.

Once a paper is accepted for publication, it goes through final editing and processing. Our editorial team works closely with the authors on final, editorial revisions and prepares the paper for publication. The editors reserve the right to edit the paper for clarity or to shorten it as needed. The authors’ cooperation at this stage will be important for our ability to publish the paper. Because the Business Forum is a theme-based journal, an accepted paper may not be published if critical review or publication deadlines for its targeted issue are missed.

Please see our published Guidelines For Reviewers to further understand what we look for in a manuscript when assessing its merits. Please contact the editors if you need any clarification or additional support.

We are excited about your visit to our website and hope to soon see your papers in our submission system!