AACSB Policy Documents Digital Measures

CBE Faculty and lecturers use Digital Measures to record their intellectual and professional activities. The college uses these records to promote the accomplishments of our talented faculty and lecturers and for maintenance of AACSB accreditation.

AACSB Documents

Policy Documents

CBE Policy on Participating and Supporting Classification
Describes the policy for determining whether a faculty or lecturer is considered a Participating or Supporting member of the CBE.

CBE Policy on Faculty Qualifications and Engagement
Describes the CBE policy for determining and maintaining faculty qualifications.

Activity Lists
CBE Qualified Participating/Supporting Faculty and Lecturer Activities
Lists the activities that qualify for Participating status within the CBE.

CBE List of Intellectual and Professional Activities for Faculty Qualifications 
List of intellectual and professional activities that count toward specific faculty qualification categories within the CBE.

Updating in Digital Measures – What to Track


DM Login Icon

Add all of your intellectual and professional activities for the past five years.  You will need to bring a copy of your Digital Measures file to your annual review.  Refer to the documents below for lists of sample activities to input and for the full policy statements from which the lists originate.

Tips for Entering Your Activities
This tipsheet lists which Digital Measures screen to use for each type of activity and contribution.

What to Enter Where

What to Enter Where

How to Add an Activity
1. Connect to Digital Measures                                                                                                                                            


DM Login Icon

2. From the Login screen, enter the email address and password you associated with the account.  Note: If the email account is not your Cal State L.A. email address, enter everything before the @ symbol of the account linked to Digital Measures.

DM Login

3. From the Home Screen, select MANAGE ACTIVITIES.    

DM Manage Activities

4. Select which sub-section your contribution falls under.

DM Subsection

5. Click on the ADD NEW ITEM button to create a new record.

DM Add Item

6. Complete the fields in the record.      

DM Enter Info

7. When finished, click on the SAVE button to save your entry and return to the previous screen where you can enter another contribution or log out.