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MFA in Television, Film and Theatre/Acting

MFA in Television, Film and Theatre/Acting Option at Cal State LA

LA’s Triple Threat


The MFA in Television, Film and Theatre (TVFT) is a three-year, terminal degree program that prepares students for diverse professional and academic careers in content creation, acting, and writing in the narrative media. The MFA degree, in conjunction with extensive professional experience, qualifies students to work and teach in these fields. Students in our program will learn current industry business practices and gain ample hands-on opportunities to develop a creative voice and vision as they work on stage, set, collaborative projects, and culminating projects while applying real-world skills.  In addition to a core of praxis-centric courses, the MFA in TVFT program also includes coursework in the theory and aesthetics of theatre, film, television, and new media along with the history and politics of narrative. 

As part of the California State University system, Cal State LA’s MFA in TVFT program is one of the most affordable acting programs in the country, while having the unique advantage of offering courses and interaction with professionals in the TV, film, and theatre industries in Los Angeles.

Each year, actors have multiple opportunities to perform onstage in Faculty-directed and Guest-directed productions, graduate student productions, as well as on-camera in graduate films, webseries, and more. Actors also take courses in the business of the industry, building their own websites, putting together reels, and learning how to stay relevant and visible with Social Media tools.

Faculty teaching-artists and scholars continue to work and present locally, nationally, and internationally - ensuring that our students' training is current and relevant, preparing students for a successful career.

The new TV & Film building includes state-of-the-art technology including a sound stage with green screen and motion capture, record and mix rooms, and editing lab. 

It is critical to apply to schools that offer what YOU are looking for.  Look back at your own training, experience, and then ask, “What do I want to learn? What skills do I want to develop? What are my ‘weaknesses’ and what are my ‘strengths’? And then, ask: does this program offer the courses, instruction and challenges that I am looking for?

Students performing training piece

What does the MFA in TVFT/Acting at Cal State LA offer?


  • A progression of acting training from the fundamentals up through various styles and mediums (theatre, film, TV). Grounded in the approaches of Uta Hagen with additional tools from Meisner, Mamet, Viewpoints, and more, the training is geared towards practical application, while simultaneously helping each actor grow individually.
  • Movement training, including Contemporary Dance, Stage Combat, Viewpoints, and more.
  • Voice training which includes techniques from Kristin Linklater, Catherine Fitzmaurice, and Roy Hart


  • On-going opportunities to audition/perform in Department productions directed by faculty, professional guest artists and students.
  • On-going opportunities to perform in graduate and undergraduate films and online webisodes.
  • On-going opportunities to create/perform your own work and productions.
  • On-going opportunities to collaborate with the MFA students in the Writing and Content Creation Options, getting faculty guidance in real-world situations, gaining practical experience and building relationships with your future network.
  • On-going networking opportunities with industry partners, guest instructors, speakers      

Students performing dance routine



  • Annual opportunities for paid positions as a Graduate Assistant to faculty for undergraduate courses.
  • Paid Federal Work Study positions for qualified students.
  • We offer a full year of guided teacher training that qualifies students for paid Teaching Associate positions in the undergraduate acting classes.
  • Teaching Associate positions available to students who have an extensive background in areas such as voice, movement, stage combat and other related specialties.


Teaching Assistantships vary according to the area. These are paid positions. Students apply as the positions become available. Some positions require prior training. Examples of current positions include:

  • Assist faculty to teach a large undergraduate General Education course
  • Assist faculty on related production activities
  • Train and then teach undergraduate acting courses
  • Offer a Special Topics course in a field in which you are already certified
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Making the decision to apply to graduate school is a complicated and life-changing decision. Dedicating three years of your life to study, hard work and growth can be grueling, exhausting and challenging. 

Neutral Mask Workshop

Learn more about Instructors and the courses they teach.  

Read descriptions of the courses.

See an overview of the 3-year program.

To Apply: 

  • Cal State LA's MFA program only accepts students for admission every other year.  

  • The applications for Fall 2024 will open up in October 2023 and will close in February 2024. 

  • We are NOT accepting applications for Fall 2023. 

  • We do NOT have Spring admissions.

  • The application process is done entirely through CSU Apply.

  • For information about the application requirements & process, see our APPLY page

  • For questions: email [email protected] 


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