Tuition, Fees, Cost of Attendance

As a California State institution, the University charges different fees for state residents and non-residents (including international students). For more detailed information on tuition, fees, and expenses, please visit Student Financial Services.  

Please note, all tuition and fees should be considered as estimates and are current at the time of publication.  Tuition and Fees are subject to change without prior notification.

Resident Tuition Fees 

To maintain status as a fully enrolled graduate student, you must be enrolled in a minimum of 8 units (or required Thesis Project/Report courses during your 3rd and final year in the program).

Period of Time Cost (6.1 units up to 12+ units)
Semester $4,123.12
Academic Year $8,246.24
Projected Tuition Cost of Three-Year Program $24,738.72


Non-Resident and International Tuition Fees                                                                                          

The Non-Resident Tuition Fee is in addition to basic tuition and fees and applies to all non-residents of California, including international (visa) students on an F or J visa.

Each semester Non-Resident students will enroll in at least 6.1 units.  As of 2023-24, the base fee for 6.1 units is $4,123.12.  Non-residents also pay an additional $396 per unit, with a typical MFA student taking 12 units per semester. The table below shows an estimated cost based on 12 and 15 units per semester, as well as a projected cost for the full three-year program (58 units).

Period of Time Cost (12 units) 
Semester Base Fee $4,123.12
Added Non-Resident Fee (12 units) $4,752.00
Total One Semester, 12 units $8,875.12
One Year, 12 units per semester $17,750.24
Added Non-Resident Fee (15 units) $5,940.00
Total One Semester, 15 units $10,063.12
One Year, 15 units per semester $20,126.24
Potential Cost of Three-Year Program
(58 units minimum)

Establishing Residency after One Full Year

Non-residents may establish California State Residency and apply, after one full year enrolled, to change status to "Resident,” but this is not guaranteed. International students may not apply for "Resident" status.

Year Cost
Year 1 (12 units) $17,750.24
Year 2 $8,246.24
Year 3


Potential Cost of Three-Year Program Total  $34,242.72

Residency Application Information