MFA in TVFT Culminating Project Timelines and Guidelines: 

MFA in TVFT Culminating Project Timelines and Guidelines: 

MFA students are required to complete 3 units of TVFT 5995, Culminating Project. 

Project guidelines: 

  • The MFA Culminating Project should be the capstone project to the portfolio of work the student has done over their time in the program. There are two important parts to the requirement: First is the project itself which will be presented publicly. Second is the Culminating Project Report (CPR), an academic paper which details the inspiration, process, and creation of the project as well as an evaluation of the experience and the result.  

  • The project report or CPR will be a minimum of 30 pages (double-spaced, MLA format,) submitted to the student's Project Committee and, ultimately, to the library.  More information will be distributed in the required TVFT 5650 Project Report Prep course. 

  • There are a variety of acceptable forms for the Culminating Project. Successful projects in the past have included: theatrical performances in mainstage productions, one person shows, off-campus productions, web series, short films, full length filmed documentaries, editing work, finished play scripts, screenplays, and television scripts. Collaboration among colleagues in the program is encouraged.  

Project Committee: 

  • To graduate, each finished project and CPR must be reviewed and then approved by the candidate's project committee in a formal defense.   The candidate is responsible for recruiting the proposed members of their committee, who shall then be approved by the department chair or program director and by the college dean or designee.  Members of the project committee shall include, at minimum, two permanent faculty of Cal State LA, one of whom shall be the project committee chair.  The committee chair needs to be permanent faculty in either TAD or TVFM.  The additional committee members (up to two) may include: other permanent faculty or lecturer faculty from any institution, or non-faculty experts in the subject-matter or professional field. 

Students need to adhere to the three sets of deadlines.  

  • Project deadlines 

  • Project report deadlines 

  • Deadlines imposed by the University Library