Learning Outcomes

Department Mission

The mission of the Natural Science Program is to provide broad training across the natural science disciplines for students seeking interdisciplinary and applied science careers for which a broad science background is useful.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Knowledge. Students demonstrate understanding of the natural world in terms of core concepts, principles, and processes across the fields of biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, and space science.
  2. Proficiency. Students are able to apply the scientific process, including inquiry, hypothesis building, designing and conducting investigative experiments, to solve problems.
  3. Proficiency. Students possess intellectual skills necessary for completing scientific investigations, including
    • writing scientific proposals and papers,
    • locating, retrieving, and evaluating information pertinent to a scientific problem,
    • using computers and other technology to organize and analyze data
    • interpreting graphs and tables,
    • using mathematics and statistics to evaluate evidence,
    • distinguishing between fact and opinion with scientific evidence,
    • applying principles of laboratory safety,
    • working effectively in groups, and
    • presenting and communicating the results of scientific investigations in oral and written formats.
  4. Place and Community. Students can describe the physical and biological environments of the Los Angeles River.
  5. Place and Community. Students can explain the historical development of the Los Angeles River and how natural and artificial factors contribute to its present status.
  6. Transformation. Students recognize that science is a human endeavor grounded in human activity and requiring ethical conduct as humans change the natural world and human society.
  7. Transformation. Students recognize that science is relevant to everyday life and appreciate its importance to areas such as education, human health, the natural environment, and technological advances.