Alumni Outcomes

Cal State LA students take different paths while in school and afterwards. Here, you will find information on the earnings, job placement, and post-graduate educational outcomes found among Cal State LA graduates.  


The Gallup 2018 Undergraduate Alumni Scorecard provides details on Cal State LA alumni employment outcomes, employee engagement, well-being, college experiences, alumni attachment, and more.

Click here to download the full Gallup 2018 Undergraduate Alumni Scorecard document (PDF)

Here are some excerpts:

Employment Status for Cal State LA alumni (64% employed full time) versus College graduates nationally (71% employed full time) versus HSI graduates nationally (69% employed full time).


Chart with length of time to obtain a good job after completing undergraduate education. The chart compares Cal State LA alumni against College graduates nationally and HSI graduates nationally. 21% of Cal State LA alumni claim "I had a job waiting for me


Earnings and employment data for Cal State LA alumni are reported by matching student records with employer-reported wages and industry information housed in the California Employment Development Department's (EDD) Labor Market Information Division (LMID). Institutional Research and Analyses at the CSU CO provides the earning and employment data on their website.