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Applied and Advanced Studies in Ed.

The Division of Applied and Advanced Studies in Education offers programs of study leading to a variety of credentials and certificates, undergraduate, graduate degrees and doctoral degrees.

 AASE Programs

Bachelor's Degrees

 Application Icon Urban Learning (Degree with credential)

Administrative Credentials

 Application Icon Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

 Application Icon Clear Administrative Services Credential

Certificates/Added Authorizations

 Application Icon Computer Applications in Schools

 Application Icon English as a Second or Foreign Language (ESL/EFL)

 Application Icon Teachers of English Learners

Master of Arts

---M.A. in Education, options in:

 Application Icon Educational Foundations

 Application Icon Educational Technology and Leadership

 Application Icon New Media Design and Production

 Research and Evaluation (currently suspended)

---M.A. in Educational Administration:

 Application Icon Educational Administration


 Application Icon TESOL-Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 

Doctorate Degrees

 Application Icon Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

Curriculum and Instruction

The Division of Curriculum and Instruction at California State University, Los Angeles offers several programs leading to credentials for multiple and single subject, CLAD/BCLAD and reading specialist authorizations. University internship credential programs are available in selected school districts.

 EDCI Program

Teaching Credentials

 Application Icon Multiple Subject (Elementary Teaching)

 Application Icon Reading/Language Arts Specialist Credential

 Application Icon Single Subject (Secondary Teaching)

 Application Icon (LAUTR)Los Angeles Urban Teacher Residency

Certificates/Added Authorizations

Magenta Square Icon - Curriculum and Instuction Application Icon Bilingual Authorization

 Application Icon Postsecondary Reading

 Application Icon Reading

 Application Icon Storytelling

Master of Arts

---M.A. in Education, options in:

 Application Icon Bilingual/Multicultural

 Application Icon Creative Literacies and Literature

 Application Icon Curriculum and Instruction Urban Elementary School (currently suspended)

 Application Icon Early Childhood/Primary Education

 Application Icon Mathematics and Science Teaching (LAUTR)

 Application Icon Mathematics Education

 Application Icon Middle and Secondary Curriculum and Instruction

 Application Icon Reading

 Application Icon Science Education (currently suspended)

Special Education and Counseling

The Division of Special Education and Counseling at California State University, Los Angeles offers graduate programs of study leading to a variety of undergraduate/graduate degrees, credentials and certificates/added authorizations.

 EDSC Program

Bachelor's Degrees

 Application Icon Rehabilitation Services

Education Specialist Credentials

 Application Icon Education Specialist Intern Credential

 Application Icon Early Childhood Special Education

 Application Icon Mild to Moderate Disabilities

 Application Icon Moderate to Severe Disabilities

 Application Icon Physical and Health Impairments

 Application Icon Visual Impairments

Clinical Rehabilitative Services Credential

 Application Icon Orientation and Mobility

Certificates/Added Authorizations

 Application Icon Applied Behavior Analysis in Educational Settings

 Application Icon Autism

 Application Icon Career Counseling

 Application Icon Orthopedic Impairments

 Application Icon Other Health Impairments

 Application Icon Teaching Learners with Special Needs in General Education Classrooms

 Application Icon Transition Specialist

Master of Arts

---M.A. in Special Education, options in:

 Application Icon Autism

 Application Icon Early Childhood Special Education

 Application Icon Facilitating Behavior Change (currently suspended)

 Application Icon Inclusion Facilitator (currently suspended)

 Application Icon Mild/Moderate Disabilities

 Application Icon Moderate/Severe Disabilities

 Application Icon Multicultural/Multilingual Special Education

 Application Icon Physical and Health Impairments

 Application Icon Transition Studies (currently suspended)

 Application Icon Visual Impairment & Blindness:O&M

 Application Icon Visual Impairment & Blindness: Teacher Preparation

Master of Science in Counseling

 Application Icon Applied Behavior Analysis

 Application Icon Applied Behavior Analysis(with the PPS/CWA credential)(currently suspended)

 Application Icon Marriage and Family Therapy

 Application Icon School-Based Family Counseling (MFT with PPS Credential in School Counseling)

 Application Icon Rehabilitation Counseling

 Application Icon School Counseling Leadership (with PPS Credential in School Counseling)

 Application Icon School Psychology (with PPS Credential in School Psychology)

Doctorate Degrees

 Application Icon Ph.D. in Special Education