Upward Bound | Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

Participants must be low-income and/or first generation college student (see definitions below) and meet the eligibility requirements listed below.


Students whose family's taxable income for the preceding year did not exceed 150 percent of the poverty level amount established by the Census Bureau.

First Generation College Student

(A) An individual, both of whose parents have not completed a baccalaureate degree; or (B) In the case of any individual who regularly resides with and receives support from only one parent, an individual whose only such parent has not completed a baccalaureate degree.


Must be a U.S. Citizen or a legal Permanent Resident.

Academic Need

Must demonstrate the need for academic assistance through current report cards, transcripts, standardized test scores.

Target Schools

  • Blair HS
  • Marshall Fundamental
  • John Muir HS
  • Pasadena HS
  • Garfield HS
  • Wilson HS