About Us

Cal State LA first received an Upward Bound grant in 1980 and established a program serving Pasadena schools. The grant has been renewed and additional grant funding has been awarded since then, allowing the Cal State LA program to grow. Upward Bound at Cal State LA now serves approximately 325 students annually through the Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math/Science programs offered to public schools in Pasadena and Los Angeles.

The UB program strives to instill the importance and value of postsecondary education in its participants through a rigorous academic program and caring staff. Our goal is to generate in participants the skills and motivation necessary for success in secondary education and beyond.

We are in Upward Bound because we care about ourselves and for each other. We see this program as an exceptional opportunity to develop our potential and we intend to take full advantage of it. The spirit of Upward Bound is that of friendship, cooperation, respect and support for each other. It is also a spirit of honesty, dedication, and learning. This is our program. We are Upward Bound. If all of us do our best, then all of us will succeed.