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  • Claire, 19, Electrical Engineering
  • John, 26, Business Administration and Entrepreneurship
  • Sandra, 28, TV, Film and Media Studies
  • Brittany, 19, Urban Learning
  • Justin, 20, Nursing
  • Brenda, 33, Chicano Studies and Sociology
Sandra, 28
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sandra's tour

I grew up in Zimbabwe, in a little town called Kwekwe.

I wanted to come to America to a college to get educated, especially in TV and film and music because I do realize that this is the center, like California and Los Angeles.

This is the center of where TV and film is.

I came straight from the airport and came on campus the first day of class.

The people are really nice, they are really helpful.

Most of the professors are professionals.

So, you are not being taught by people that read books and came to reproduce them in class.

You actually get to see them outside of school performing what you are going to do when you graduate.

I'm a music minor.

And then I'm taking theory, I'm taking musicianship, I'm taking um, this quarter I'm taking piano.

My piano class is a lab.

And we get to come in and do it in practice.

And then our pianos are hooked to the computers, so we can use the whole component and end box to just make music.

I started a club called Unite for Africa because I wanted the Cal State students to be able to do something for Africa.

If African students on this campus were to be a voice and bring awareness to the things that we face in Africa, you know, bring it closer, it would really make a difference.

I know Cal State students are very busy.

But most of them want to do something during their time here and, you know, help change somebody else's life.

But sometimes, you know, people are not aware that, you know, it doesn't take too much to make a difference in somebody else's life.

But I'm just there to remind them that, you know, it doesn't take so much.

The location is great because you can go into the city, you can go into Hollywood.

We are just at the center of where everything happens.

This college is just so great. I actually am getting my sister to come here next year.

student profile

Sandra, 28

Hometown: Kwekwe, Zimbabwe

Class Year: Junior

Major: Television, Film and Media Studies

Minor: Music

College: Arts and Letters

Interests: acting, singing, organizing international and local community projects, Associated Students, Inc. community affairs officer, founded Unite for Africa Club, named Miss Zimbabwe USA 2007

"I like going to school in L.A. because it is multicultural and it's okay to be different."

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