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  • Claire, 19, Electrical Engineering
  • John, 26, Business Administration and Entrepreneurship
  • Sandra, 28, TV, Film and Media Studies
  • Brittany, 19, Urban Learning
  • Justin, 20, Nursing
  • Brenda, 33, Chicano Studies and Sociology
John, 25
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john's tour

I am the type of person who really does a lot of research, whether it be buying clothing, shopping at super markets.

I look at the way business practices are done to see if I want to associate myself with those businesses and support them financially.

After doing excessive research, I realized that the value at Cal State Los Angeles.

Not only is it the most economic of all 23 in the Cal State system, but it's one of only two business schools that is accredited, nationally.

And I realized that having this broad education would enable me to do everything that I wanted to do in life — trying to pursue post-graduate for business and economics, because if you want to get into an MBA program, a lot of them require that you come from an accredited business school.

Cal State L.A.? They actually, it's a great, great entrepreneurial department.

That's probably also one of the reasons why I chose here.

My business, it's a clothing company.

I picked clothing because I have a passion for it.

It was a start up company.

I just had a couple ideas for it and I utilized a couple of friends who are artists and a friend who is a great, great philosophy major. He is actually a professor here.

And we sat down just talking and he said John, "You have something great here." He says, "Let's get to work on it."

I don't want to just graduate and say OK, thanks, goodbye.

I really believe in this school, and like I said, there are a lot of people that don't know about the resources in the school.

I want to really get this school on the map because there are so many great things that happen.

You know that you have people that want to be psychology majors, sociology majors, teachers, and they go, you know, to other schools and they come back to L.A. And they're going like 'Oh wait; I don't know what to do here in Los Angeles.'

And little do they know, we have a great nursing program here, we have great credential program here, great philosophy program, and social work program. I mean, we really have every resource.

This is a school for everybody.

And we are very competitive.

Like I said, we have an accredited program.

It's all about the individual. The person has to want it.

I mean, the world is anybody's who wants to take it.

And it's up to the individual student if they are going to utilize this alumni network.

But it's there and it's readily available.

student profile

John, 26

Hometown: Montebello, CA

Class Year: Senior

Major: Business Administration and Entrepreneurship

College: Business and Economics

Interests: networking, running, basketball, working out, going out, counseling high school students, started his own lifestyle clothing company, transferred from Mt. San Antonio College

"It's so amazing the resources we have right here at our fingertips. We have Hollywood, if you want to be an entertainment attorney, if you want to be in the music industry, we have Burbank, the movie studios. I mean literally the world is at our fingertips here."

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