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  • Claire, 19, Electrical Engineering
  • John, 26, Business Administration and Entrepreneurship
  • Sandra, 28, TV, Film and Media Studies
  • Brittany, 19, Urban Learning
  • Justin, 20, Nursing
  • Brenda, 33, Chicano Studies and Sociology
Brenda, 33
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brenda's tour

I'm Brenda and I'm in the College of Natural and Social Sciences.

I'm a double major. I'm majoring in sociology and Chicano/Chicana studies.

And I think the two, the two subjects really complement each other.

Chicano studies wasn't my major, it was initially just sociology.

But once I got here, I thought with the diversity here, and everything it's just 'Why not take advantage of that?'

Especially here, since it's, it's where it began.

It's basically the study of Mexican Americans as well as other ethnicities into an overall encompassing study of whether it is literature, history, race relations.

Everything all mixed together.

Being a parent I really have to, you know, work around everybody, my kids' schedules and my schedule.

It has to all interlink somehow, otherwise it gets too hectic.

The childcare center is a facility.

I believe it was started by students years ago for students who had children, who needed their children to go somewhere while they were in class.

It's really nice to know that they're close by should there be any sort of emergency.

They are right there, and you could either just call or walk over there to check on them.

I've taken a kin class where it's just jogging. Not only am I working towards my GPA with the grade, but I'm also getting a workout, which is really nice.

I also swim on campus.

That's something that I never really had an opportunity to do before because I don't have a pool and I didn't want to sign up for a gym membership just to swim.

So being able to swim on campus during those free hours is great.

Being a student is not just being a student.

There are so many aspects to it.

There are so many other things that we do aside from being a student and I find everybody is very welcoming about encompassing the whole thing.

student profile

Brenda, 33

Hometown: Glendale, CA

Class Year: Sophomore

Major: Sociology and Chicano/a studies

College: Natural and Social Sciences

Interests: spending time with her two kids, volunteering at their schools and at a homeless shelter, urban homesteading, sustainable living, international travel, MEChA, Parent Teacher Association activities and fundraisers, swimming, coffee with friends at Dolcini's.

"Being here has allowed me to explore's expanded the tunnel vision. It's not so much that I am going to school to get a job so I can do this. It's more like I'm going to school and like, wow, there's a lot that I can do."

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