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  • Claire, 19, Electrical Engineering
  • John, 26, Business Administration and Entrepreneurship
  • Sandra, 28, TV, Film and Media Studies
  • Brittany, 19, Urban Learning
  • Justin, 20, Nursing
  • Brenda, 33, Chicano Studies and Sociology
Brittany, 19
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brittany's tour

I'm an Urban Learning major and basically what it is, is it helps you get your teaching credential along with your bachelor's at the same time.

There are three separate approaches that you can take to getting your credentials.

There's the single subject, the multiple subject, and the special ed.

So it's going to be the education specialist and, yeah, there's a whole bunch of classes that you take to prepare you for that.

What happens is your last quarter you go into directed teaching.

A lot of time, you'd be scared, like 'What am I going to do once I get up there? You know, this is my first day, this is my job, this is my job on the line, and you know, what do I do?'

You have a whole quarter of experience this way.

We have a writing center.

If you have a paper that you need to work on, you can just bring in the paper and they can help you with that.

There's also, you know, classes that you can take.

Like one-day classes, you know, that help you get better at a certain thing, like computer.

If you are not too good with the computer or too computer-savvy there's computer classes, which is good. It really helps.

When you walk in you just tell them what you need and they set you up with someone. It's pretty cool.

My education was being fully paid by the Presidential Scholarship.

It's a $20,000 scholarship that you go in and you have to have a certain GPA and SAT scores.

And, you know it's I believe there are nine that come in every year and it's really good because, you know, you can all work together towards a main goal, you know, graduating in four years.

It keeps you on track.

Everyone on campus is really helpful.

It's not too big and it's not too small.

It's right in the middle and, you know, the classes are small enough to where you can interact with the professors but not, like too small to where it's one-on-one and they are in your face, you know, which is really cool.

Everyone is really diverse.

It's a diverse University.

That's a really cool thing too.

Not everyone is the same ethnicity, or you know, everything is very different.

There's the mountains close, there's the beach.

Everything is really close to this area and it just makes it really convenient.

I have a lot of close friends that I don't think I would have made if I didn't come here.

I never thought I'd have this much fun in college.

You know there are things to do on campus.

student profile

Brittany, 19

Hometown: Whittier, CA

Class Year: Sophomore

Major: Urban Learning

College: Charter College of Education

Interests: trying different foods, friends and family, traveling, working out, reading, religion, shopping, walking around campus, working with children. She is part of the directed teaching program, and a President's Scholar

"I never thought that I might have this much fun in college. I always thought it was really time to study – which it is – it's not all fun and games. But the fact that the campus is so diverse and there are so many things to do, makes for a fun experience."

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