Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to fill out all these forms?

Our goal is to be as effective as possible in expediting your HR needs while at the same time complying with state and federal fair labor laws. In addition, we have a fiscal obligation to the organizations that are funding your projects. The forms being requested are the minimum in order to meet compliance requirements for audit purposes.


Why do we have to comply with the new Policies and Procedures?

To demonstrate fairness and equity in our processes to all our stakeholders.


What if I need help in completing the forms?

The ETR and the Selection/Hire Authorization Form have instruction sheets attached. You may contact your Financial Analyst for additional help.


What is a classification study and who does it?

Classification study is a review of a position's essential qualifications and responsibilities, where the appropriate salary range is determined and assigned. Currently Deborah Williams at extension 3-3676 is our Compensation and Classification Manager.


How come no one told me I am not a state employee?

UAS employees are not considered state employees. UAS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization to provide support services to the University.


What is AQIP and Process Mapping?

After the Human Resource department is fully implemented, it is UAS' goal to carry the AQIP to most of its departments, including ORSP and Accounts Payable department.


Why do I have to fill a Faculty Questionnaire every quarter?

To meet OMB requirements for Effort Reporting requirements. Not doing so could result in the loss of awards from granting agencies.


It seems like UAS has added more to the hiring process. What if I need to hire someone tomorrow?

Planning ahead will ensure a smooth and timely hiring process. In urgent situations, you can use the emergency hire option. It is usually much quicker and allows you the flexibility to hire someone for up to six months without benefits while you go through the normal staffing process. Keep in mind, emergency hire process is not an automatic way to fill a position long term.


Why Can't I pick two items on the ETR?

The HR processes have been streamlined efficiently enough where two transactions for the same employee is no longer necessary.


I am hiring a student in my class to assist me in a project; do I need to complete all the required forms for Student Assistants?

Yes. A staffing requisition is important for all positions, because this is the only way the person fiscally responsible for your project can verify funds availability before hiring. A Search process is not mandatory for Cal State L.A. students. In order for the student to be entered into our payroll system, a Selection/Hire Authorization (sections 2 and 3 only) needs to be submitted.


Why can't we have a person fill out a New Hire packet ahead of time?

It is UAS' new policy where all new hires must report to HR on their first day of hire. This allows the HR staff to verify identity and documentation for the right to work. In addition it will prevent future follow-up on lost paperwork.


Why does it take two days to respond to an HR question?

In addition to their daily tasks, UAS staff receives frequent requests/questions. Sometimes the questions can be answered on the spot while other times the questions are more detailed and require further investigation. As UAS works towards perfecting its processes, we ask for your patience and support.