Employment Opportunities

Mission: UAS Human Resources supports the mission of University Auxiliary Services, Inc. by providing quality services for employment, compensation, benefits, training, and employee relations, in a timely and professional manner. Our department provides guidance to UAS employees and others by staying current with changing labor issues and regulations and is committed to personalized service and balancing the needs of UAS with fair and equitable treatment of its employees.

UAS participates in E-Verify, a service of the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration. For additional information, see the E-Verify notices below. Learn about your right to work.

E-Verify Notice (English/Spanish)

Right to Work (English/Spanish)





Job Openings
 (Please use the link at the bottom of each Job Posting to apply for the position)
Study Hall/Saturday Academy Teacher-Credentialed, UAS 1165 (CIRCA)
Study Hall/Saturday Academy Teacher - Non-Credentialed, UAS 1164 (CIRCA)
Recruitment & Marketing Student Assistant, UAS 1163
Education Specialist, UAS 1162 (CIRCA)
Developer, UAS 1161 (CIRCA)
Postdoctoral Researcher, UAS 1160 (CIRCA)
Post Award Administrator, UAS 1159 (CIRCA)
Stage Technician, UAS 1158 (CIRCA)
House Manager, UAS 1157 (CIRCA)
Guardian Scholar Peer Mentor, UAS 1156
Preschool Teacher, UAS 1155 (CIRCA)
Infant Toddler Teacher, UAS 1154 (CIRCA)
Interactor, UAS 1151 (CIRCA)
Project Director, UAS 1150 (CIRCA)
Project Rebound Student Advisor, UAS 1149 (CIRCA)
Administrative Support Assistant, UAS 1148 (CIRCA)
Administrative Assistant, UAS 1145 (CIRCA)
Business Support Specialist, UAS 1144 (CIRCA)
Event Coordinator, UAS 1142 (CIRCA)
Project Coordinator, UAS 1136 (CIRCA)
Research Associate, UAS 1128 (CIRCA)
Honors Academy Peer Support Team Member, UAS 1126
Houseman, UAS 1123 (CIRCA)
Administrative Support Coordinator, UAS 1111 (CIRCA)
Event Coordinator, UAS 1107 (CIRCA)
Box Office Assistant, UAS 1099 (CIRCA)
Research Assistant, UAS 1096 (CIRCA)
Child Welfare Instructor, UAS 1094 (CIRCA)
Usher, UAS 1090, (CIRCA)
On-Call Banquet Server, UAS 1088 (CIRCA)
Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation Coordinator, UAS 1086 (CIRCA)
Writing Support Assistant, UAS 1074 (CIRCA)
Food Court/Catering Dining Services Associate, UAS 1063 (CIRCA)