Employment Opportunities

Mission: UAS Human Resources supports the mission of University Auxiliary Services, Inc. by providing quality services for employment, compensation, benefits, training, and employee relations, in a timely and professional manner. Our department provides guidance to UAS employees and others by staying current with changing labor issues and regulations and is committed to personalized service and balancing the needs of UAS with fair and equitable treatment of its employees.

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Job Openings
 (Please use the link at the bottom of each Job Posting to apply for the position)
Family Nurse Practitioner Clinical Resident Supervisor/Consultant, UAS 1698 (CIRCA)
Saturday Academy Teacher Non-Credentialed, UAS 1697 (CIRCA)
Saturday Academy Teacher Credentialed, UAS 1696 (CIRCA)
Urban Garden Manager, UAS 1695 (CIRCA)
Career-Relevant Instruction and Curriculum Specialist, UAS 1694 (CIRCA)
Academic Coaching Coordinator, UAS 1693 (CIRCA)
Post-Doctoral Researcher, UAS 1692 (CIRCA)
Graduate GIS and Big Data Technician, UAS 1691

CREST-CEaS Coordinator, UAS 1687 (CIRCA)

Project Rebound Student Advisor, UAS 1683 (CIRCA)
Project Coordinator, UAS 1682 (CIRCA)
Center Program Manager, UAS 1633 (CIRCA)