Project SAFE is the Student Health Center's domestic and sexual violence and stalking awareness program. This website offers information and resources for the entire University community. Victims and survivors are encouraged to seek assistance.

24/7 Hotlines

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Hotlines are important resources for victims and survivors of dating/domestic violence, sexual violence, stalking, and/or trafficking, and those who care about them. However, in an emergency or when someone is in imminent danger, it's important to call or text 911.

Reporting Options

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You may report to the campus Title IX Coordinator any incident of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual violence (e.g., rape, acquaintance rape, dating violence, domestic violence or stalking).

Learn More: Title IX

Reporting to University Department of Public Safety and/or local police is an option at any time following a sexual violence incident.

Contact University Public Safety

An advocate from Peace Over Violence is available on campus for confidential assistance.

POV Advocate

Medical and mental health professionals can't report Sexual Violence incidents at the University without your consent, except for specific legal requirements. Your privacy is maintained when seeking help from them.

Confidential Communications

Education & Awareness

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Visit our Education & Awareness page to learn about:

  • Survivor Rights & Options
  • Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence & Stalking¬†Defined
  • Prevention
  • Evidence Preservation
  • Policies and Procedures