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Our Health Promotion and Education staff is available to present during your class, event or program. Faculty, staff and students are invited to request a presentation on any of the topics below.

Request a Presentation

Golden Eagle Wellness 101: (1hr) a highly requested guest lecture that is ideal for Introduction to Higher Education courses. The presentation provides realistic tips in choosing, achieving, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The lecture covers alcohol and other drug use, nutrition and fitness, healthy relationships and relationship violence, safe sex, sleep habits, stress management, and Student Health Center services.

SHC Services: (15-20 min) a condensed overview of the services the Student Health Center offers including, primary care services, counseling and psychological services, family planning counseling, optometry, chiropractic, and massage.

Snooze or Lose: (1 hr) teaches students how poor sleep habits can take a toll on their grades, relationships, and overall mental health. Students will learn how to eliminate barriers to sleep with a few simple, effective techniques. This presentation will also teach students how to figure out how much sleep they need, how to create a better sleep environment, and how to make the most of their naps.

Stress Less for Success: (1hr) focuses on teaching students about the physiologic impact of stress on the body and mind. This presentation will help students understand the different types of stress, positive coping skills for managing stress, and creating their own stress management action plan.

Food Foundations: (1hr) is an overview of basic nutritional principles to help students understand nutrition labels, calories, energy balance, portions, different types of nutrients, and simple strategies for making sustainable changes in their lifestyle.

Contraceptive Connection: (1hr) provides students with medically accurate information on hormonal and non-hormonal contraceptive methods. The presentation briefly discusses the history and social context of birth control in addition to current challenges facing reproductive health. Students also learn about the different types of contraceptives, proper use, pros and cons, and special considerations.

Sex Smarts: (1hr) arms students with the knowledge they need to protect their reproductive health. Topics include types of sexually transmitted infections, how they are transmitted, common signs and symptoms of an infection, how they are treated, and how they can be prevented. Students also learn about the long-term impact contracting an STI can have on their lives and can ask anonymous questions in a safe environment

Let's Talk Sex Positivity: (1hr) discusses the importance of the right to a positive sexual experience that is inclusive and empowering to all. This presentation talks about the history of sex positivity, pleasure and communication, sexual hygiene, and more!

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  • Condoms and lubricants are available for pick up in SHC 215 for individuals. To request condoms for distribution (e.g., resident assistants, university departments, student organizations), contact us at 323-343-3340.
  • Health brochures on a variety of topics are available by request for distribution. To request brochures for distribution (e.g., class presentations, housing workshop), contact us at 323-343-3340.
  • Faculty may view services offered by clicking on the "Faculty Guide to Student Health Center Services".

Request Materials