PH 4960 Internship Program

The Health Promotion and Education Center (HPEC) partners with Cal State LA’s Department of Public Health to offer internship opportunities to students enrolled in PH 4960. The number of internship positions will vary based on HPEC’s need.

For the Fall 2024 semester, there are 2-4 positions available.

As you consider your internship needs, please keep the following details in mind regarding our program:

  • The internship for Fall 2024 is completely in-person and will not have a virtual option.
  • Also note, HPEC does not run its internship program during May, summer or winter intersessions.
  • To be considered for an internship with HPEC, please complete the application and submit your resume by following the link at the bottom of the page.

The Health Promotion and Education Center (HPEC) internship is designed to provide an experience that enables students to:

  • Apply program planning, implementation, and evaluation skills.

  • Contribute to HPEC and other Student Health Center programming.

  • Gain practical knowledge of key college health issues.

  • Provide appropriate health information and referrals to fellow Cal State LA students.

  • Collaborate with the Peer Health Education team by creating engaging education and outreach activities for the student body.

  • Become a Certified Peer Educator.

Participation in the HPEC internship program is contingent upon students meeting ALL of the following requirements. Failure to complete any of the requirements can result in the loss of the internship position or hours/credit.

  • Submitting a HPEC Intern Applicationand Resume and successfully completing the HPEC interview via Zoom.

  • Receiving approval of the prospective intern's Public Health Internship Learning Plan Agreement.

  • Live Scan fingerprint clearance.

  • Proof of university-approved liability insurance (click on Student Professional Liability Insurance Program for information).

  • Successfully completing the HPEC’s certified peer health educator training during specified dates prior to the start of the semester in which the internship is scheduled to be completed. Dates for Fall 2024 training are as follows: August 12-16, 2024.

  • Being enrolled in PH 4960 during the semester in which internship activities are completed.

  • Not later than the end of internship training; providing valid proof of:

  • The following immunizations: Covid-19, hepatitis B, MMR, seasonal flu, and Tdap.

  • A negative TB skin test or chest x-ray taken within 12 months of the semester in which the internship will be completed.

  • Note: Interns are responsible for all costs associated with this requirement.

HPEC interns are expected to:

  • Complete required hours of approved internship activities over the course of the semester in which the internship is completed.

  • Complete roughly 7-10 hours a week during the semester.

  • Adhere to Cal State LA policies regarding student conduct.

  • Comply with Student Health Center policies and procedures which address: patient confidentiality; patient, workforce and facility safety; infection control; and other issues.

  • Conduct a needs assessment; and plan, implement, and evaluate an intervention or prevention workshop that addresses a key college health issue.

  • Participate in HPEC events and other Student Health Center programming, as appropriate.

  • Act as a resource providing accurate and client-appropriate information and referrals.

  • Assist students seeking the services of the Health Promotion and Education Center, as appropriate.

  • Collaborate with SHAC peer health education team (PHE), to create, implement and evaluate Health Hut themes, education experiences and other activities.

  • Attend SHAC general membership meetings that occur every other Thursday 3:15 PM-4:10 PM, starting with the first Thursday of the first week of classes.

  • Meet with HPEC health educators on an ongoing basis to discuss project progress.

  • Submit not later than week 12 of the internship semester a report detailing the intervention project.

  • Complete an exit interview during the last week of the internship semester.

It is assumed that HPEC interns will: gain knowledge of college health issues; adhere to agreed-upon schedules; meet applicable deadlines; show initiative; produce quality work; work effectively as a team member as well as individually; and provide high-quality customer service.

Note: Because we cannot guarantee an internship position at our site, even with early application submission, students are strongly encouraged to proactively explore other internship possibilities at the earliest possible opportunity.

The primary selection criteria include an applicant's fit with the programming and personnel needs of the Health Promotion and Education Center. An applicant's grasp of core health education concepts, training, as well as communication and other skills are considered in the screening process.

Students interested in the internship program should complete the steps below:

  • Submit the completed application form and resume by April 15, 2024.
  • Applicants will be contacted via email to schedule a Zoom or in-person interview.
  • Students selected for the internship will be notified via email on a rolling basis.

Please click on the following link to access our application: Internship Application