Research Group Alumni

Congratulations to Robert Boyd  and Trami Pham on their acceptance into professional schools. Good luck to Lily Nguyen as she emabarks on a competitive post bachelorette at the NIH in Bethesda!


Former Graduate Students

Robert D. Boyd III

MS Chemistry Program
BS Biochemistry at Sonoma State University
Beginning a PhD program at University of Chicago in Champaign-Urbana in the Fall 2019

Rafael Sandoval

MS Chemistry 2018
Currently in a Ph.D. Graduate Program UCLA

Ivonne Cepeda

MS Chemistry 2017
Currently a Research Scientist at Amgen, INC.



Former Undergraduate Students

Lily Nguyen

BS Biochemistry 2019
Currently planning on working in a research lab at the NIH in Bethesda, MD in a competitive Bachalorette program.

Trami Pham

BS Biochemistry 2019
Will begin Pharmacy School in the Fall 2019

Carlos Cortez

BS Microbiology 2018
Currently in a PhD program at the University of Chicago

Lloyd Greiner

BS Microbiology 2018

Jonathan Aldana-Mendoza

BS. Biochemistry 2018

Roula Mahmoud

BS Biochemistry 2016

Emil Borje

BS Biochemistry 2016

Alejandra Elizalde

BS Biochemistry 2016

Luis Flores

BS Microbiology 2017

Houman Mizani

BS Economics 2016

Bao Tran Nguyen

BS Biology 2019

Saul de la Pena

BS Biochemistry 2019

Larry Rodriguez

BS Biochemistry

Emily Ishida

BS Microbiology 2019