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CHEM 4310 - Biochemistry I


(3) Prerequisites: CHEM 3200 or one year of organic chemistry lecture; and CHEM 2300 or BIOL 3400 or MICR 3100, each with a minimum grade of C-. Enzyme kinetics and mechanisms of enzyme action; structure, function, and chemistry of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and nucleic acids in animals, plants and microorganisms; the metabolism of carbohydrates.


CHEM 4320 - Biochemistry II


(3) Prerequisites: CHEM 4310. Metabolism of lipids and proteins; photosynthetic metabolism and assimilation of inorganic nutrients; enzymology and mechanism of DNA replication and repair; transcriptional machinery; RNA processing; protein synthesis and processing.


CHEM 4311 - Biochemistry Laboratory I †


(2) Prerequisites: CHEM 2211, CHEM 3100, each with a minimum grade of C-; corequisite: CHEM 4310. Laboratory experiments designed to illustrate chemical behavior of substances of biochemical importance. Laboratory 6 hours.

† There is a special fee associated with registering for laboratory classes that carry this designation. Details appear in the Schedule of Classes.


CHEM 5350 - RNA Structure and Function


(3) Prerequisites: CHEM 4320 and CHEM 4321 or equivalent, Graduate student standing.