State Key Control

Key Request Forms:

Key Request Form - Campus/Building Master Key

  • This is to request a campus master key or building master key (opens most doors in the building) for a faculty/staff member.

Key Request Form - Faculty/Staff

  • This is to request a department master key or a room or office key for a faculty or staff member.

Key Request Form - Student

  • This is to request a room or building entrance key for a student.

The Key Coordinator will:

  • Review all requests for replacement keys and key requests for students/employees and notify the requesting Administrative Officer of the disposition.

  • Honor State Key requests signed by only those Administrative Officers authorized by the Executive Officers to approve key requests.

The Public Safety Department Locksmith and Key Control will:

  • Cut all University keys as authorized by the Key Control Coordinator.

  • Receive keys from all transferring and separating employees.

  • Process Public Safety Work Requests.

Authorized Key Holder will:

  • Keep key(s) in their custody at all times.

  • Not transfer or allow use of keys unless authorized to do so by the responsible Administrative Officer.

  • Return keys to the Public Safety Department on the day of transfer to another department or separation from the University.

  • Report lost or stolen keys to their immediate supervisor and Key Control by completing and submitting a Replacement/Lost Key Report form within 48 hours. Should a lost or stolen key result in the re-keying of all or a portion of a building, the subject department will submit a Public Safety Work Request form to the Department of Public Safety. In the event that a building needs partial or total rekeying, a request for emergency augmentation funding will be submitted to the President of Cal State L.A. Charges for replacement keys will be $25.00 or the current fee for lost/stolen keys, not to exceed $125.00, and $200.00 for the replacement of Master Keys. Charges are due at the time the Replacement/Lost Key Report form is completed and are payable at either The Parking and Transportation Service Center or the Cashier's Office.