Elevator Entrapment Procedures

This page details the procedures that shall be taken during an emergency involving elevator entrapment and other elevator malfunctions where there is potential for life safety concern, and in compliance with Administrative Procedure 401, Elevator Malfunction (effective: 8/16/82).

Note: Normal, routine service and maintenance for elevators is not within the scope of this procedure.

The purpose of this procedure is for aiding and assisting in the removal of passengers who become entrapped in inoperable campus elevators and/or any elevator concern that could result in potential injury.

For elevator maintenance issues not posing an immediate risk to safety, Facilities Services should be contacted immediately at 323-343-3440. 

During entrapment incidents, should any emergency situation develop, such as a fire or medical emergency for a passenger on the stalled elevator, the local fire department will be called for immediate response. The Watch Commander may also make the determination when the local fire department will be called should an elevator entrapment occur during non-business hours or when the elevator maintenance contractor has an extended estimated time of arrival. Generally, the local fire department is called when the response time is that of 30 minutes or greater.

If any persons are trapped inside an elevator, they should activate the elevator emergency phone to notify University Police. University Police will send assistance.

The primary responsibility of University Police personnel is rendering aid to passengers in a stalled elevator (i.e. reassuring passengers and assessing the situation for potential emergencies), making certain that all safety considerations have been taken into account.

The University Police Department will follow the following procedures when responding to elevator entrapments:

  • Respond immediately to the caller and remain on the line, as long as needed, explaining the steps being taken to remedy the situation;
  • Ascertain if there are any injuries or severe sense of panic or life threatening conditions inside the elevator;
  • Contact the elevator technician (during business hours contact will be made to Facilities Services; during non-business hours elevator technician will be contacted directly);
  • May request assistance from other services such as fire/rescue, if necessary.

Facilities Services will:

  • Immediately notify Elevator Technician and attempt to correct the situation and restore the cab to normal services if it is determined that such action can be safety taken;
  • Communicate to EH&S to inform them of entrapment/elevator issue.
  • Determine the estimated time of arrival of the Elevator Technician and communicate this to the University Police Department and EH&S.
    • If the elevator service company is available, and can respond within 30 minutes, the Fire Department will not be called.  
    • If the elevator service company cannot respond within 30 minutes, University Police shall contact the local fire department to assist. Should it be determined the elevator cab will remain inoperable after-hours, University Police will be responsible to place Out of Order signs on each level.